Beth Sheehan Consultancy

Beth Sheehan is a project manager and allied health consultant.  With a special interest in the disability and rehabilitation sector, Beth provides a holistic approach to service delivery and capacity building .

Beth’s approach is personable and aims to focus on the grassroots elements of service delivery and expand services and education within the rehabilitation and health sectors.

Beth is happy to provide in-country support globally as well as home exercise programs for individuals based in Scotland.


Beth’s consultancy skills and knowledge assist in providing project management in the areas of disability rehabilitation to assist with the development and sustainability of services in developing countries.   With a background in exercise physiology, Beth also includes the exercise is medicine philosophy to assist in providing holistic services.

Some of her projects include:

  • benchmarking of prosthetic & orthotic services for Lebanon
  • establishing a disability register for Landirani Trust (African Vision Malawi)
  • managing Lilongwe’s prosthetic & orthotic clinic for 500 miles in Malawi
  • establishing outreach programs
  • developing an exercise physiology service for Allsports based in Brisbane
  • providing innovative ideas to service delivery across a broad range of health
  • providing mentoring to early career exercise physiologists
  • train the trainer rehabilitation modules for various NGOs working in prosthetic and orthotic service delivery
  • resource development
  • stakeholder engagement and development
  • Future Workforce Report_2019 for ESSA

Beth also provides lectures, talks and workshops to enable organisations to work towards providing holistic and sustainable services and enjoys providing mentorship to new clinicians and managers working within developing countries.



Affiliations & Resources


International Affiliations

500 miles                                                                     

African Vision Malawi                                           

Rehab Skills                                                                

Motivation Australia                                             

Exercise & Sports Science Australia             

Prosthetic Clinics Affiliations Australia

ALA Prosthetics (Qld)                                     

Barry Leech Prosthetics                                      

Amputee Resources

Amputees & Families Support Group (Australia)                       

International Society for Prosthetics & Orthotics (International)

Australian Orthotics & Prosthetics Association (Australia)         

Limbs 4 Life   (Australia)                                                                          

Exercise Resources

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise Right

Exercise Right for Kids


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